Disclaimer 1


​Our refund policy is very simple on vizualworks.com.

​100% money back to the client if work is not completed by a freelancer.

​If client releases milestones for the work that was completed for that milestone, those milestones monies will be nonrefundable. Therefore it is always important to release milestones only when the client is 100% satisfied. In an event that there was a misunderstanding or miscommunication, a dispute can be filed by the client and vizual works will investiage the matter and resolve the issues between the client and the freelancer.

​When a client is found to be not at fault, they will get 100% refund and no fees will be charged for the project. The freelancer on the other hand will be charged a project fee and a penalty.​ On the other hand, if a freelancer is found to be not at fault, then the client will get no refunds.

​If a freelancer applies for a job which they are not capable of finishing, vizualworks LLC will take over the project and work with the client to help complete the project. The freelancer who applied for the project will then be penalized by vizualworks LLC.  Therefore, it is always important for freelancers to be 100% sure that they can complete a project before accepting the project. 

Please be aware that there is absolutely no refund warranted or guaranteed once the stock media production is released from our vizualworks.com workstream. 

The customer will have the ability to access their stock media production as the freelancer artist or Vizual Work’s artist begins working on their product. The customer will also be given the opportunity to view the stock media production prior to releasing any payment for the product.

If “you” the customer is not satisfied with the work provided by our Vizual Work’s artist or freelancer artist; you will have the opportunity to leave a feedback prior to releasing any payment. It is also recommended that “you” the customer thoroughly examine your stock media production before releasing any money or moving on to the next milestone.  Suppose that there is a misunderstanding, “We” at Vizual Works will resolve any disputes between the customer and the artist before the next milestone begins.

Once milestone is paid, all is final. “You” the customer cannot deem or claim an accident once you have read and agreed to the terms to move on to the next milestone.

Furthermore Vizual Works has the right to block, suspend or terminate any customer who does not abide by the guidelines set forth by us.


Disclaimer 2

For the freelancer artists listed on VizualWorks.com, a background check is required to verify your identity and validity. Your picture will be verified along with your full name, and your primary location.

As a freelancer artist, if “you” sign up or apply for a job, it is important to complete the project while putting your customer’s interest first. if it is proven that you obtained a payment from a customer through manipulation, “you” the freelancer artist will be accessed a percentage fee and the customer will receive a full refund.

As a freelancer artist, if “you” advise the customer that you are unable to complete their stock media production prior to receiving any payment from the customer, “you” the freelancer artist will not be accessed a percentage fee.

As a freelancer artist, if you are unable to begin or finalize a stock media production job for a customer, do not allow the customer to make any payments. As it is important to know that no upfront payment is allowed on Vizualworks.com. A customer is only allowed to pay after a milestone is completed.

As a freelancer artist it is expected that “you” provide the customer with exceptional service, efficient work time and meet all deadlines as agreed upon.

It is important to acknowledge that, Vizual Works has the right to block, suspend or terminate any freelancer artist who does not abide or conform to our guidelines.


Disclaimer 3

There will be no partial payments made between “you” the customer and the artist. All payments will be paid in its entirety or paid in full based on the milestones which were agreed upon.

When “You” the customer agrees to select an artist for a stock media production job, it is the customer’s responsibility to communicate with the artist and ensure that all your goals and standards are being met and maintained.

Vizual Works believes in providing the best service to the client and the freelancer. Therefore, there will be customer based surveys for all freelancer artist and Vizual Works’ artists alike.  If “You” the customer wrongly or unjustly rates an artist, Vizual Works has the right to investigate, re-adjust and rectify the rating. Vice-versa, all artists will also rate their clients after completion of each work.

If the freelancer artist, Vizual Works artist or any customer does not abide to the guidelines set forth, Vizual Works has the right to block suspend or terminate that individual.


Please note: there is a required 8% fee assessed to the freelancer for each stock media work that is completed and a standard and required 3% fee is assessed to all customers for the services of our website. There is 2% fee for sending dispute to arbitration. There is also a 1% fee assesed when you the customer or the freelancer withdraw any monies from their account. 

​These fees are non-refundalbe:

Fees for getting a recruiter is 19.99USD 

​Fees for making a project urgent is 4.99USD

​Fees for making a project a priority 3.99USD