Freelance Economy

Earn serious cash as a freelancer

Being able to own your company and control how things works is very rewarding. However as a freelancer, it is very difficult to manage all the contracts, accounting, human resources, managing projects etc. As a freelancer starting your own company to become self-employed, these issues have to addressed in order to turn your hard work into real cash.

The Keys to success

It is important for freelancers to become very organize. To become organize, freelancers needs to have tools like, Evernote, dropbox, Google drive, Toggl, camcard, in order to take good notes, document ideas, collaborate with other freelancers, become efficient, save and share contents with employees and team members. These applications are very helpful and will save time so that freelancers can focus on making money.

Sharpen your negotiation skills

As a freelancer being able to negotiate is a great skill set. Freelancers could make more money by negotiating well with their clients. Many clients would rather hire freelancers than having to hire permanent employees, paying salaries, and health-care insurance. These are things that clients who own big companies can spend thousands of dollars. Therefore, as a freelancer if you give clients great deals, and work with them on their projects, the client will be more will willing to keep coming back to you and this will in turn help you earn more money.

Before Negotiating

It is important to do thorough research, and have a goal on what you hope to achieve. Google and read blogs on contracts and negotiations. Talk to other freelancers to get a sense of how they negotiate with clients. When in doubt, have a lawyer to go over the terms of the contract to make sure you are not missing anything major but at the end of it all you, the freelancer, has to make the final negotiation.

Build a strong relationship with clients

Long term relationship is a key to your success as a freelancer. Freelancers who want to earn more cash cannot afford to lose clients. It is important to give quality support to your clients and assure them that you will be a dependable freelancer and help them accomplish their projects without any setbacks.

In order to building strong long term relationships, freelancers have to:

  • Speak to clients directly, accurately, and stay away from letting their agents or project managers do the negotiations with clients. By talking to the client directly and accurately will eliminate any misunderstanding between the client and the freelancer.
  • Make sure that all deadlines are met, and if a deadline is not met, client has to be updated on why?
  • Show your clients respect and give them a reason to believe in you
  • Let client know all your skill set so that they can contract you with more work

Outsource some of your work

Like the old saying goes “time is money.” Do not waste time on trying to manage your finances, sending emails, customer services, and other paperwork which has nothing to do with doing work for your clients. Outsource these tasks to professionals. makes it easy to find the right personnel to run your company while you work on the contracts entrusted to you by your clients.