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“We” & “Our” refers to Vizual Works and

“You” & “Your” refers to all registered users of

“We” Vizual Works, is committed to protecting the privacy of “You” all our registered users who use “We” Vizual Works will not share “Your” information beyond the realms or scope of “We” Vizual Works, reserves the right to modify or adjust this document at any given time.



​Our refund policy is very simple on

​100% money back to the client if work is not completed by a freelancer.

​If client releases milestones for the work that were completed for that milestones, those milestones money will be nonrefundable. Therefore it is always important to release milestones only when the client is 100% satisfied. In an event that there was a misunderstanding or miscommunication, a dispute can be filed by the client and vizual works will investiage the matter and resolve the issues between the client and the freelancer.

​When a client is found to be not at fault, they will get 100% refund and no fees will be charged for the project. The freelancer on the other hand will be charged a project fee and a penalty.​ On the other hand, if a freelancer is found to be not at fault, then the client will get no refunds.

​If a freelancer applies for a job which they are not capable of finishing, vizualworks LLC will take over the project and work with the client to help complete the project. The freelancer who applied for the project will then be penalized by vizualworks LLC.  Therefore, it is always important for freelancers to be 100% sure that they can complete a project before accepting the project. 



When “You” sign up for we obtain the following information: your full name, email account, mailing/physical address, profile information via Facebook/google sign in, Ip Address, as well as identifying documents to verify “Your” identity. “We” Vizual Works collect this data in order to process transactions efficiently, better service “Your” customer service requests, to send promotional information and most importantly to keep “You” up to date.

“We” Vizual Works reserves the right to record “Your” IP address for administrator use. Information from “Your” IP address is used to monitor communication, make inquiry phone calls to “You” directly, monitor traffic patterns, perform analytics on trends, track “Your” user patterns and diagnose server issues. “Your” IP address is not linked to personal identifiable information and is used to gather broad demographic information for aggregate use, except for fraudulent cases. “We” Vizual Works reserves the right to share “Your” aggregated demographic information with “Our” partners and advertisers. This information will not be linked to personal information that identifies “You” except for fraudulent cases.

“We” Vizual Works use google analytics as a way to give “You” the best visitor and user experience. “We” use the tracking capabilities of google analytics to review “Your” visitor website activities, such as page views and source and time spent on “Our” website. This information is displayed as numbers and has been depersonalized, simply meaning it cannot be traced to “You”. “We” also use Google adwords tracking codes to see which pages lead to different conversions on “Our” website. This allows Vizual Works to better use “Our” paid advertising budget. “We” Vizual Works also use google analytics remarketing codes to log when “You” view specific web pages as this allows Vizual Works to provide targeted advertising in the future.

Third party vendors including Google may show “Our” advertisements across the World Wide Web. “We”, google and other third party vendors use first party cookies, for example Google analytics cookie and third party cookies such as the double click cookie. “We” use this to optimize, inform and serve advertisements based on “Your” visits to “Our” website. “You have the option to opt out of using google analytics and the cookies option.


COOKIES does utilize the cookies option. Cookies are small files or pieces of data sent from web servers that are stored on your device. “Your” information is stored from “Your” browser using cookies. “You” must have cookies enabled on “Your” browser when using “We” use “Your” IP address to see when “You” are logged in and to determine “Your” location. Once “You” close “Your” browser the cookies option is disabled.



“We” will disclose relevant information with an array of third party businesses. Please keep in mind that all third party affiliates are also obligated to protect “Your” privacy and they will never obtain “Your” entire account information. “We” will not disclose or sell any of “Your” information to third parties without “Your” consent. When “You” agree to Vizual Works Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy “You” agree that certain profile information is accessible to other registered users listed on Information is shared with third party affiliates in order to implement services such as; website analytics, company promotions, payment processing, shipping options etc. If “You” choose to work with a third party affiliate off the website or click on a third party link and it takes you to a different domain “We” Vizual Works will not be responsible for what takes place between “You” and that third party.



Vizual Works is scanned excessively using enhanced malware security. is also equipped with Site Lock Secure, the global leader in website security which protects from hackers, spam, viruses and scams. Vizual Works does not store credit card details and Vizual Works is a strong endorser of PayPal and keeping “Your” information encrypted. “We” also monitor communication, review accounts and maintain a safe domain for “You” and “Your” information.