Responsible Disclosure of Security Vulnerabilities

At, we do our very best to ensure that our website is as secure as possible. It is always a tough task to keep up with the latest in web security and new vulnerabilities are always being introduced in old and new technology. has a community of very skilled users who believes that keeping the community safe is the number one priority. With a safe community, users and clients will entrust us with their projects and we can help clients complete their next biggest project. Therefore, we encourage users who find security vulnerabilities to report them to us ASAP!


Guidelines understands the importance of securing our website; therefore, we appreciate the researchers who contribute to the security of our website. We encourage the users to report all security vulnerabilities and report bugs. Kindly follow these guidelines for reporting bugs and security vulnerabilities:

  • report to via our email as soon as possible
  • Do not publish these vulnerabity elsewhere
  • Take screenshots of the vulnerabities and attach it to your email
  • Make sure your vulnerabity is verifiable by the security team
  • Include detail demonstration and details of the vulnerability
  • Attach instructions on how to reproduce the vulnerability which is being reported
  • Always attach your email address so that we can reach you


Users who report these vulnerabities will be recognized in many ways. Especially those who report worthy vulnerabilities will be rewarded as such:

  • a free T-shirt
  • a chance to work with ViZual works LLC in the future
  • an opportunity to become a VIP member on